Distance Learning

Note from Administration

Guidelines for FFS At Home Program Use

These are the guidelines for FFS On Campus students who may need to occasionally utilize FFS At Home because of illness. Students who have chosen FFS On Campus are expected to be on campus for their learning, unless they are sick or exhibiting COVID symptoms. FFS On Campus and FFS At Home are not meant to be interchangeable on a frequent or regular basis to accommodate vacations, appointments, or other personal business. Our faculty have many preparations to do to enable both programs to happen simultaneously and can’t be expected to have moving numbers of students in each program daily. Students who are enrolled in FFS On Campus, but who participate in school through Zoom without having notified the school appropriately about COVID symptoms, are marked absent for the day. We thank you in advance for respecting this policy, and thereby, our faculty.

1. If a parent attests to their child experiencing symptoms of Covid, and they are well enough to participate in class remotely, you may communicate to their teacher and to Liz Torres (etorres@frankfordfriends.org) that they are exhibiting symptoms and that they will learn from home for the safety of the community.

2. Students who miss school for any other reason are considered absent, and will be marked as such on the daily attendance. Those students may not participate in FFS At Home.

FFS Student Website - Zoom and Distance Learning: Helpful information on Zoom, Google Meet, how-to's. Students should bookmark it.

Zoom Etiquette - Please check these important rules when joining a Zoom meeting.