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The 6th Graders have begun their first project of the year called Coming Together: A Project on What it Means to Collaborate in the Time of a Pandemic. This Design Thinking Project will explore collaboration in depth through a variety of immersive and hands-on experiences. This project will intentionally integrate science, math, and humanities content, as the 6th graders solve real-world problems.

Collaboration is foundational to Project Based Learning and essential to upholding part of the mission of our school at FFS. As such, 6th Graders will not only need to develop the skills of collaboration to complete their projects throughout the school year, but also, will need to think in new and different ways about what it means to "truly" collaborate in the time of a pandemic. Since students will not be allowed to collaborate in all the same ways as before (sharing materials, working closely to each other, etc), the 6th Grade will need to actively think and ultimately develop a prototype that shows their ability to collaborate effectively.

Building a Foundation

6th graders then had the opportunity to revise their thoughts and the thoughts of others on Miroboard by commenting on the initial posts. Here are some of their ideas.

Grade 6 Collaboration vs. Cooperation

6th Graders started by using the virtual and collaborative white board: Miroboard to write out their ideas on what they think collaboration and cooperation mean, attempting to make some distinctions.

How-To Videos (Grade 6)

Drafting and Design Cart

After learning how to take care of the materials on our PBL Drafting and Design Cart, the 6th Graders chose a tool or material to write a short How-To Video on how to use the material. Click through the slide presentation to see some of their work.

Drafting 101

Communication is one skill that is key to collaboration, and the 6th Graders are investigating how Drafting and learning the technical skills of isometric and orthographic sketches is a form of visual communication when learning to prototype that will allow them to express their ideas more clearly within a group.

Isometric and Orthographic Sketches

6th Graders then used their skills of drafting (particularly of creating isometric and orthographic drawings on paper) to learn how to make these designs and shapes on Tinkercad. Below you can see the designs students created as they explored the Foundations of 3D modeling.

Navigating and Understanding 3D Shapes

Moving and Rotating

Combining Shapes to Create New Forms

Creating your own Design