Starring Rowe as Berto, Jasmine as Paquita (Berto's best friend), Puri as the math teacher (Señorita Chiquita), the history teacher (Señor Flor), the science teacher (Don Dormilón) and Juan, another Berto's friend, and Erich as the Spanish teacher (Señorita Bonita), Berto's mom and dad and Isabel, another Berto's friend. Co-starring Edan as Pablo, another Berto's friend.

Starring Julian as Berto, Graham as Paquita, and Miyah as Raúl, a famous soccer player.

Starring Journey as Berto, Pepper as Paquita, and Alba as the museum guard.

Starring Noemi as Berto, Cara as Paquita, and Edan as the bakery salesperson.

Starring Kennedy as Berto, Joslyn as Paquita, Olivia as the boat's person, and Violet as the frog.

Note: Jasmine substituted for Olivia.

Starring Ceci as Berto, Anika as Paquita, and Maryam as a teacher and Berto's parents.

Article in Spanish about Second Language Acquisition: "¿Qué le ocurre a tu cerebro cuando aprendes un nuevo idioma?"